Tuesday, July 04, 2006


north main street
cork city

rumours of freshly made pasta seduced elaine and me to this restaurant. we decided to give it a go on saturday, and were so impressed with lunch that we splurged on dessert too!

the lunch menu is great "value for money" as they say in ireland. it was 7.90€ for a large portion of pasta. you get a stamp for each main you eat there, and after collecting 5 or 6 stamps you get a free main.

we did our duty as panelists and asked about the fresh pasta; the news is, dinner (which is more expensive) offers homemade gnocci and ravioli. the lunch pastas did taste fresh, but they were not made there.

funny coincidence: our work lunch on monday was at casanovas (i had nothing to do with it) but everyone was saying the same thing: great value for money, and great food. we asked for bread with our pasta, and they baked a couple loaves fresh for us. obviously that was great.

i would definitely go again, and can't wait to try a tomato based sauce.

the decor is kinda italian cafe not crazy, not trying to be too posh. service was friendly and prompt.

for what it is, a cheap (lunch) place to get good food, it gets 4.5. depending on how much the price goes up for dinner, and how tasty that gnocci is, that's where my rating will stay.


Blogger lynchtp said...

The dinner menu is as good and the still quite reasonable.
The staff were extremely friendly and helpful.
A really great atomsphere for eating in.
In one word 'truffleicious'.

Great blog by the way.

7:46 AM  

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