Tuesday, August 28, 2007


6 Bridge St

This is a tapas bar on Bridge Street I've been meaning to try out for ages. Especially since Ursula thought I called it a topless bar. Even after I repeated myself. Damn Monaghan accents. Even without the toplessness it's still worth a visit.
It's usually packed at the weekends and you have a long wait to get a seat, but on the Tuesday night we went it was quiet enough.
We ordered five mains and two desserts and they were all good. Very good. Although they do mostly wine, they have a grand beer selection to wash it all down.
At just over fifty euro for the lot, it's very reasonable. The portions were larger than you'd expect for tapas, and with all this we were stuffed, even though we were late going in and having missed dinner. We had tortilla, cheese, potatoes, salad and tarts. All very good. I would say the mains are better than desserts, so don't waste time leaving a bit of room for the sweet trolley. Your taste buds would be put to much better use trying something else off the main menu.
I'd recommend going with a group of friends, ordering half the menu and then sharing everything. We were a bit rushed when we went, but it's definitely a place I'll be back to. There's still so much on the menu I want to try.

cheap camera phone images just don't do it justice

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Mmmm, tapas

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