Friday, July 14, 2006


Washington Street at Grand Parade
Cork, Ireland

this is a trendy bar restaurant. the food was great (real parmasan on the caesar salad) and the service was friendly and prompt as well. kevin was attentive and funny, and possibly thought that i was hitting on him, but whatever.

i wish i hadn't been driving because the martinis looked awesome. sharon had fajitas, which i was very very tempted to order, the price was a bit high, but the amount of food you get is clearly in relation to that. i had caesar salad and nachos, both were great... but i am still looking for great salsa in ireland. and we shared some garlic bread. not so garlicy but still quite nice.

presentation was great, and that restaurant itself, possibly because it's so new was also nice.

3.5 stars. i'd definitely go back, especially to try the fajitas, and to test some drinks.


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