Sunday, July 23, 2006

cafe mexicano

careys street

cork, ireland

this little restaurant is located just south of french church street, between patrick street and paul street.

luckily one of the girls i was meeting got there before the throngs that i had to pass when i got there, so we got a table.

the food was great. but our waitress was a bit bitchy, possibly just a long HOT day (it was really hot upstairs) but still, not that fun. the next one we got was much nicer.

i had yummy bean tacos, i think everyone else had burritos which were a big hit. dessert was okay, not a must-have at all.

good atmosphere, you take your chances with the waitresses. food has consistently been good.

3 stars. i would go back, partly because there's not much choice for mexican food in cork and because the food is good there. for the price, the service should be better.


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