Tuesday, September 18, 2007

O'Briens Irish Sandwich Bar

Another guest blogger here, this time Stephen Boyce of It's a Big Shopping Centre - haigh and Rate This Toilet.

O'Briens Sandwich Bar,
Wilton Shopping Centre,

I can honestly say that having had various experiences of O'Briens this is one that I would make an effort *not* to go to again.

When they changed the Triple Decker I forgave them and found a new sandwich, but I can say that over the last few years I have found staff getting less friendlier and the food disimproving. There are less fillings and higher prices and this particular sandwich bar really hit a new low.

I had asked for something simple: ham and cheese on white bread with mayo. Mayo was put onto only one slice of bread, then one slice of ham and a squeeze of cheese to the centre (imagine closing your fingers together and what you fit in the middle was it). I asked for a cappuccino which was roasting hot and undrinkable, hardly any froth and what was there was burnt. I tried adding milk in but I still couldn't drink the coffee.

I had intended in sitting there for 40mins or so, eating a nice sandwich, drinking the coffee and reading my book but instead I lasted about 15 mins (including queuing time) and left quite disgusted at my eight wasted Euros.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have never had a good experience with O'Briens. Overpriced to the extent of being the defination of rip off Ireland. The final straw came in the O'Briens in the Cresent shopping center in Limerick and centered on the definition of 3 fillings in a sandwich I ordered. Apparently the sprinking of grated cheese I got was not included in the base price and going to cost me 60c extra once I eventually to the till even though I was counting it as my 3rd filling. I left the sandwich there and never went back. Part of the reason I never went back was because that day I got a roll in Quigleys cafe and it was the best quality roll I have ever eaten and half the price of O'Briens. I now get a roll there at least once a week and look forward to it every time.

1:28 PM  
Blogger Marie Boran said...

I concur - the staff are most definitely getting less friendly and I've had several who couldn't assemble the sandwich I ordered eg 'I'll have the sundried tomato and mozeralla sandwich' - 'Do you want tomatoes in that? Do you want cheese in that' - utterly moronic. And I've had staff all but throw change back on the counter without so much as a 'here's you change/sandwich' Dry sandwiches and scalding coffee is one way to turn people off. O'Briens is the McDonalds of sandwich bars. Disgusting.

1:59 PM  

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