Monday, July 31, 2006

cafe mexicano part deux

submitted by guest blogger Jaimie

As a first time guest to Ireland, I quite obviously had to go out for some traditional Irish fare; and where better than a mexican restaurant?

The atmosphere was warm and upbeat in the tiny restaurant, definitely trying for a Mexican flavour. The menu accuratel reflected the theme, and I was sad to see there were no Irish ale choices to accompany my tacos. Instead I took a Dos Equis, which I was quite happy to see was on the menu.

I ordered the Dos plate, which allowed me a taste of both the taco and the enchillada, both beef. I was pleasantly surprised to see the beef was not ground up, but came in large, filling pieces. The cheese and salsa melted on the enchillada tasted great and fresh, and small salad on the side was appealing.

Typical Mexican food overall; something I certainly had not expected to find in Cork. Recommended; three solid stars.


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